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Kemlan Tempo Series

Available in three styles, the Kemlan Tempo is a beautifully modern replacement of the traditional pot belly stove. It comes in two varieties including the Stack and the LE3. The Tempo Stack is a stylish slimline fireplace, designed to heat an area up to 120 square metres. The raised firebox provides an uninterrupted viewing area, so no need to bend down when loading wood. The LE3 is a premium semi convection heater designed to heat an area up to 160 square metres. It also comes with the option of either a pedestal or leg base for a contemporary compact look.


Heats up to:

120-160 square metres

Heating capacity depends on factors such as building characteristics, quality of insulation and climatic zone.

LE 3 Features

  • Double rear heat shields

  • Convection side panels

  • Preheated primary airwash system ensures a clean view of the fire

  • Superb radiant heater

  • Large glass ceramic viewing area

  • High heat output

  • Natural convection system

  • Cook top surface

Emissions: 1.9g
Efficiency: 62%
Colour: Satin Black
Made in: Australia
Warranty: 10 years on firebox