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Brunner 51/67 Series

The 100% German-made Brunner 51/67 wood fire, with optional BSK08 refractory installation kit, is highly efficient with low emissions and will not only produce a perfectly clean burning flame, but also will cover most of the heating needs of an average sized house. Designed and manufactured by Brunner in Bavaria the designer inbuilt refractory kit of the Brunner BSK system allows an uncomplicated, cost effective and safe installation. Available both single-sided and double-sided.


$10,890 – Single-sided 51/67 (lateral door)
$12,990 -Single-sided 51/67 (vertical door)
$14,290 – Tunnel 51/67 (lateral doors)
$7,100 – BSK06 in-built kit


  • Single-sided and double-sided models available
  • Window size: 670 mm x 510 mm
  • Single-sided – lateral door; Tunnel – 2 x lateral doors
  • The Brunner kit system “BSK” can be set up in just a few hours providing an uncomplicated, cost effective and safe installation. A traditional brick installation is also possible
  • The inbuilt kit can be finished with paint, render, tile or stone and is designed for an exposed flue installation for maximum efficiency. A full enclosure up to the ceiling is also possible.
  • BSK kit is 1.8m in height. A lower installation of 1 .5 m is also possible.
  • No visible vents when using the Brunner BSK design
  • 100% German made