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Shop our full range of quality Australian, European and North American fireplaces. We have a fire to suit every lifestyle.

Stûv 21 Single-Sided Built-In
Stûv 21 Double-Sided Built-In
Stûv 16
Stûv 30
Stûv 30 High
Stûv 30 Compact
Stûv 30 Compact High
Stûv 30 Up
Living Fire Rimini 750 Freestanding
Living Fire Siena 750 Tunnel
Living Fire Modica 600 Freestanding
Living Fire Modica six hundred
Living Fire Como 750 Guillotine
Living Fire Siena 750 Tunnel
Living Fire Tivoli eight hundred
Living Fire Toscani 750 Peninsula
Living Fire Vittoria 950 Guillotine
Living Fire Vittoria 950 Tunnel Guillotine
Living Fire Verona twelve hundred guillotine
Maison Arlberg Series
Maison Mt Blanc 970 Series
Maison Mt Blanc Panorama 1170 Series
Maison Mt Blanc Grand Series
Maison Tatra Series
Kemlan Celestial 900 Inbuilt
Kemlan Celestial 900 Freestanding
Kemlan Cube Freestanding
Kemlan See-Through Cube
Kemlan Super Nova Series
Kemlan Tempo 3
Kemlan Tempo Stack
Kemlan Coupe Series
Kemlan Tempo Grand
Kemlan XL
La Nordica Jennifer
La Nordica Candy
La Nordica Marlena
Euro Fireplaces Andorra
Euro Fireplaces Andorra Exclusive
Euro Fireplaces Olbia
Euro Fireplaces Uppsala
Euro Fireplaces Milano
Euro Fireplaces Falun
Euro Fireplaces Wiesbaden
Euro Fireplaces Buller
Quadra Fire Explorer III
Jetmaster Universal Gas Insert
Heat & Glo 6X
Heat & Glo 5X
Heat & Glo 3X
Heat & Glo See-Through
Heat & Glo i30-X
Heat & Glo Mezzo Series
Heat & Glo SLR-X
X-series Gas Freestander
Heat & Glo Vrtikl
Living Fire Quadro six fifty
Living Fire Quadro 800
Living Fire Quadro Tunnel
Living Fire Vue twelve fifty
Living Fire Vue fourteen ten
Living Fire Vue Tunnel 1410
Living Fire Vue Bay
Living Fire Vue Peninsula
Living Fire Alto
Living Fire Alto Tunnel
Horizon Cantilever
Horizon Lowline
Horizon Lowline Double-Sided
Horizon Freenstander 700
Horizon Edge
Horizon 3-sided
ilektro nine fifty aspect
ilektro nine fifty landscape
ilektro twelve fifty landscape
ilektro sixteen fifty landscape
ilektro two thousand landscape
Jetmaster Outdoor Universal insert
Jetmaster Wood Fired BBQ
Jetmaster Patio Horizon Panoramic
Jetmaster Patio Horizon Island
Jetmaster Gas Fire Pits