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Freestanding Single-Sided

Browse our wide range of freestanding wood fires with designs to suit every space, lifestyle and budget.

Stûv 16 High
Stûv 6H Freestanding
Stûv 30 Compact
Stûv 30 Compact High
Stûv 30 Low
Stûv 30 High
Axis i1000 Single-Sided Freestanding
Kemlan Tempo 3
Kemlan Tempo Stack
Kemlan Tempo Grand
Kemlan Cube
Kemlan Super Nova Freestanding
Kemlan Celestial 900 Freestanding
Kemlan XL
Kemlan C24
Nectre N15 Legs
Nectre N15 Pedestal
Nectre N15 Woodstacker
Nectre MK1
Nectre MK2
Nectre MK3
Nectre Mega
Nectre N60
Nectre Bakers Oven
Nectre Big Bakers Oven
Nectre N900 Freestanding
Jøtul F100 ECO V2
Jøtul F3 TD
Jøtul F3 Enamel
Jøtul F162
Jøtul F163 Black
Jøtul F163 White
Jøtul F400 ECO SD
Jøtul F400 ECO SE
Jøtul F8 TD
Jøtul F305 Black
Jøtul F305 White
Jøtul F520
Blaze B100
Blaze B400
Blaze B500 & B800
Blaze B600 & B900
Blaze B605 & B905
Blaze B700
VisionLINE Taurus Freestanding
Kent Calisto Freestanding (S/M/L)
Kent Fairlight Freestanding
Clean Air Console (S/M/L)
Seguin Europa 7 Evolution Swing Door
Seguin Europa 7 Evolution Swing & Lift Door
Seguin Europa 7 Evolution VL Swing Door
Seguin Europa 7 Evolution VL Swing 7 & Lift Door
Seguin Visio 8 Swing Door
Seguin Visio 8 Swing & Lift Door
Seguin Multivision Three-Sided
Seguin Super 9 Swing Door
Seguin Super 9 Swing & Lift Door
Seguin Super 9 Black Glass, Swing & Lift Door
Seguin Aurore
Seguin Jade
Seguin Saphir
Seguin Topaze
Siena 750 Freestanding
Modica 600 Freestanding
Invicta Argos
Invicta Pharos
Invicta Kazan
Invicta Ove
Invicta Onsen
La Nordica Jennifer
La Nordica Candy
La Nordica Marlena
La Nordica Marlena Liù
La Nordica Rossella R1 BII
Euro Fireplaces Milano
Euro Fireplaces Falun
Euro Fireplaces Falun Ceramic
Euro Fireplaces Landshut
Euro Fireplaces Wiesbaden
Euro Fireplaces Andorra
Euro Fireplaces Andorra Exclusive
Euro Fireplaces Olbia
Euro Fireplaces Uppsala
Euro Fireplaces Buller Freestanding
Quadra Fire Explorer III
Quadra Fire Step Top 5700
Quadra Fire 31 Millennium and 31LE
Quadra Fire 4300 Millennium
Heatilator WS18 Freestanding
Heatilator WS22 Freestanding