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La Nordica Candy

Italian made and styled, the highly efficient La Nordica Candy freestanding wood fireplace is made entirely out of high thermic yield cast iron with post combustion system.


Heats up to:

160-200 square metres

Heating capacity depends on factors such as building characteristics, quality of insulation and climatic zone.


  • Nominal output 7.4KW
  • Dimensions: 404W x 890H x 397
  • Large viewing window
  • Firebox in G20 high thermal yield cast iron
  • Entirely cast iron enamelled stove and exterior
  • Post combustion system
  • Wood Consumption 1.5Kg/Hr @ medium burn rate

Emissions: 1.2g
Efficiency AUS/EU: 65% / 85.1%
Colour: Black
Made in: Italy