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Lacunza Atlantic 613

The Atlantic 613 features a modern, tall design with a log storage base and an exceptionally large, fully glazed door. This model comes with secondary combustion, an air-wash glass cleaning system and a Vermiculite deflector with stainless-steel reinforcement within the combustion chamber for extra heat reflection. With high efficiency you burn less wood to burn and create a cleaner environment whilst producing more heat. The dual air control system is of superior quality and gives you the ability to sensitively adjust the fireplace output and rate of burn.


$4,120 – Atlantic 613


Heats up to:

Up to 290 square metres

Heating capacity depends on factors such as building characteristics, quality of insulation and climatic zone.


  • Steel stove 60cm wide and 110cm high
  • Black Vermiculite interior
  • Full glass door
  • Removeable ash pan
  • Cast Iron grid and stainless steel ash pan
  • Double combustion control with air wash
  • Atlantic 613 = 13 kW / h EUR
  • Overnight Burn time up to 10.5 hrs
  • Side Clearance 675mm
  • Rear Clearance with heat shield 250mm

Emissions: 0.5g
Efficiency AUS/EU: 64% / 78%
Colour: Black
Made in: Spain
Warranty: 10 years