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Paul Agnew Designs is an internationally recognised manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gas, wood, cast iron and electric fireplaces
Siena 750 Freestanding
Siena 750 Tunnel
Siena 750 Right Sided Glass
Siena 750 Left Sided Glass
Siena 750 GF3 3-sided glass
Siena 750 GF4 Four-sided glass
Modica 600 Freestanding
Modica 600 in-built
Siena 750 In-built
Siena 750 Tunnel In-built
Siena 750 4-sided In-built
Aerion Quadro six fifty
Aerion Quadro 800
Aerion Quadro Tunnel
Aerion Vue twelve fifty
Aerion Vue fourteen ten GF2R
Aerion Vue fourteen ten GF2L
Aerion Vue fourteen ten
Aerion Vue Tunnel 1410
Aerion Vue Bay
Aerion Vue Peninsula
Aerion Alto
Aerion Alto Tunnel
ilektro two thousand
ilektro sixteen fifty
ilektro twelve fifty
ilektro 1250 Tunnel
ilektro nine fifty Landscape
ilektro nine fifty aspect
ilektro nine fifty LT
ilektro slimline
ilektro Scandi