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Seguin Super 9 Swing Door

The Super 9 Cheminee fireplace is the largest in the Seguin cast iron firebox range. Hand made in France, this beautifully crafted pure cast iron wood fire with a swing door can be installed as a built-in or freestanding fireplace.


Heats up to:

200-300m2 (26kW)

Heating capacity depends on factors such as building characteristics, quality of insulation and climatic zone.


  • 100% pure cast iron with cast iron lining and glass door
  • Average cast iron thickness of 10mm (compared to others that are 4-6mm)
  • Secure swing door mechanism
  • Equipped with Double Air Flow (DAFS) technology to inject air at a determined level inside the combustion chamber, burning the gases and smoke and preventing them from being released into the flue system. Provides a longer burn time, cleaner glass, and total combustion of the firewood
  • All Seguin cast iron fireboxes come with a damper, air wash system, fire grate and ash pan as standard
  • Install Freestanding or inbuilt
  • Minimum 500mm hearth in front of any part of the fireplace, 250mm either side and 75mm thick
  • 10 year fire box warranty
  • Made in the heart of Auvergne, France for over 30 years