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Seguin Topaze Grey

The French hand crafted cast iron Seguin Topaze is the largest of the wood stoves in the Seguin collection. The Topaze offers a traditional design and is fully equiped with an ash pan and ash grate, Double Air Flow System (DAFS) and dual fuel loading door, with the highest Kw output in the range.


Heats up to:

Up to 160m2 (10.8kW)

Heating capacity depends on factors such as building characteristics, quality of insulation and climatic zone.


  • 100% pure cast iron with vermiculite lining
  • Average cast iron thickness of 10mm (compared to others that are 4-6mm)
  • Dual Damper Control – Combustion air & glass air wash control
  • Includes grate and ash pan
  • Dual fuel loading system
  • Equipped with Double Air Flow (DAFS) technology to inject air at a determined level inside the combustion chamber, burning the gases and smoke and preventing them from being released into the flue system. Provides a longer burn time, cleaner glass, and total combustion of the firewood
  • Hearth Dimensions – Width: 940mm Depth: 1120mm Thickness: 18mm
  • 10 year firebox warranty
  • Hand made in Randan France